Thursday, April 11, 2019

Key Largo to Marathon, Biking the Florida Keys part 2

Yesterday we got a cheap motel in Homestead. For 50 some odd dollars it wasn't bad, and the breakfast in the morning was great. Then drive to Key Largo for our starting point.

OK, what is the deal with the drivers here! Every time one lane was dropping out some idiot would think they need to sneak around at the last second. And when it is a big truck that means they are going to push you off into the mangroves. I guess it just fits in with the Florida thing of thinking they are stock car drivers and need to draft a few inches off your bumper.

But even though I'm going to leave a reasonable amount of space between me and the car in front of me, I'm aware of what is going on and I'm not going to let you force me off the road.

See we got to the chamber of commerce building a bit before it opens. Fortunately the lady running it also got there early. She says she has to leave early because frequently there is an accident from people getting forced off the road when the lanes merge.

In Key Largo the bike route is a nice path along the side of the road. But there are a lot of places south of Key Largo where the trail is all broken up and not ridable on a road bike. And if you are dumb to ride it anyway then you'll be fixing a flat. :-) 

Anyway it was a fun ride with amazing scenery and more iguanas than I've ever seen. OK, I'm not sure I've ever seen iguanas in the wild before, but I promise there are a lot and some of them are practically the size of an alligator. OK, OK, I yet to see an alligator in Florida, but they are big iguanas.

So tonight we are staying with some hosts we arranged through couch surfing. They have been the best. They even claim they like the vegetation version if Thai curry I made for them.

So get some sleep tonight and head out to Key West tomorrow.

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