Friday, June 05, 2015

Dropping Off Packages

Another 2,044 feet towards my Climbing for Nepal for a total of 5,551.

I had a few packages that needed to be shipped and they all fit inside the camlebak so it turned into a bike ride to drop off packages. It is about a 12 mile trip from the house to PostNet and back but I was able to find some nice riding along the way and turned it into about 24 miles and 2,044 feet of climbing. Looks like thunderstorms in Moab tomorrow, and I don't have anyone wanting to go with me, so I think I'll delay the White Rim until next week.

I am trying to raise $500 for the earthquake victims in Nepal. You can help by going here.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Making time

June is climbing for Nepal month. On day one I let myself get too involved in my game I'm writing for iOS, and then with the shipping of eBay sales. Before I knew it it was time to go do my presentation on doing the impossible and I got 0 feet on the first day.

I wanted to make sure I didn't repeat that mistake so yesterday I got up and out on the bike early. It is amazing how overgrown the trail in the gully has gotten. Well, really that isn't true. A month of rain every day and not being able to ride it because it would be too muddy would be expected to result in an overgrown trail.

Still it is a great trail. The biggest problem is the thistles. It takes extra bike handling skills to keep from getting scratched by the thistles. My arms and legs are getting a bit sore from the thistles.

I got a decent picture of a horned toad at the bottom of horn toad hill.

I ended up getting 2,340 feet for the day. A good start on the Nepal challenge. 

Today I went riding with Kendall. Shorter ride and not as much climbing. Hopefully though I will be doing the White Rim on Saturday which will give me a lot of climbing. 

I am trying to raise $500 for the earthquake victims in Nepal. You can help by going here.

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