Saturday, April 06, 2019

Can you tell me how to get

Today we decided to check out SeaWorld. Dieter F. Uchtdorf tells a parable of a man that goes on a cruise and spends most of his time in his cabin eating crackers he brought with him because he was unaware that all the food and entertainment on the ship was included with the cost of his ticket.

Today I felt like that man. When I bought my annual pass for Sea World a couple of months ago it included a coupon for a free PhotoKey. I had no idea what a PhotoKey was and when I asked they told me how and where I could go and get it, but nobody explained what it was.

So today we decided to check out the new Sesame Street area of SeaWorld. It was actually pretty cool. Kind of like stepping into the Sesame Street from the TV show. The rumors I have been hearing is that the crowds at Disney the last week or so have been really bad. So I expected Sesame Street to be crowded, after all it has only been open for one week. But actually it wasn't crowded at all. In fact we were frequently able to ride the same ride multiple times in a row because there was no line.

Also the lines to meet Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird were very short, or at times no line at all. Each time we would go see Cookie and Elmo my grandson, Cayman, would run past Cookie and over to Elmo. He has an Elmo toy that he loves but really doesn't know who any of the Sesame Street characters are. Anyway, after were are done with the character greets they would give me a little card for getting the pictures they take. And I'm thinking I'm not going to buy those pictures. But then I look at the card and it says PhotoKey on it. So I take it to the counter and ask if my free photo key deal is good for the pictures they took. I'm thinking it is some kind of keychain with a picture on it. They tell me yeah but you have to go to the place by the entrance to get it.

So after we were done with Sesame Street Cayman was getting tired and I decided to head home for the day. After being at the beach all day yesterday I had a slight sunburn and figured it would be best not to spend another full day in the sun.

So we stop by the KeyPass place on our way out and I ask if I can use the free PhotoKey with the pictures they took today. I'm still thinking this is some kind of keychain. She says no problem and scans the cards I had collected and my coupon, and then tells me how the PhotoKey works. For the next year anytime I visit any of the SeaWorld family of parks I can give the PhotoKey card they give me to the photographer and then all the pictures they take will be available for me to download. For FREE.

The sad thing is, when I got the annual pass I also got a free animal encounter. I let my son Stephan, and my grandson Vincent use the animal encounter to go and see and pet the dolphins. And of course they took pictures, and I could have had those pictures, also we could have taken other pictures with Vincent. But like they guy in the parable I was figuratively sitting in my stateroom eating the crackers instead of enjoying the free benefits that came with my pass.

And one passing thought, I think they want you to go around the park asking, "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" because they didn't have any signs showing how to get there.

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