Friday, April 12, 2019

It's a scam. Biking the Florida Keys part 3

We made it to Key Largo. Before heading out on
this trip I did a quick search to see what others said about biking the overseas heritage path from Key Largo to Key West. Most of what I read was that it was mostly doable except they didn't recommend biking over some of the bridges. Never did figure which bridges. But if you are a confident cyclist then there really isn't anything that isn't just fine to bike. If you have the mistaken idea that bikes should be on paths or sidewalks then this is not a good fit for you.

A few weeks ago we were babysitting my grandson while his parents went to the temple. We decided to take him to Disney world. But he was upset that he was getting babysat and not going with Mom and Dad. We tried to sell him on Disney but he is two and was having none of that.

However a couple days before that as we were driving we were thinking of going to Hobby Lobby, but I just wanted to get home, so we passed the Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is a fun word for two year olds. So he spent the next few hours repeating phrases like "passed the Hobby Lobby'

So when he started saying, "no Disney" I asked if he wanted to go to Hobby Lobby. His answer, "don't pass the Hobby Lobby"

So we convinced him that Disney was hobby lobby. All day we asked him how he was enjoying hobby lobby. He loved it. But to get into the magic kingdom you have to ride the ferry boat or the monorail. The Disney employees will try and convince you that they are both the same fast. False. The ferry boat is a scam. So we spent all the day trying to teach my grandson to say the ferry boat is a scam. Tried to get him to tell all the ride opporators but he would never do it. But when we got back home and in the arms of mom we again asked, what is the ferry boat?" And he tells mom, "a scam."

So the overseas heritage trail is a scam. All these bike paths are a disaster. Larger sections are torn up and a lot of the bike path bridges are closed. I guess the hurricane a couple years ago did a lot of damage. Anyway for a lot of it it is just better to ride in the bike lane on the road.

Had a great time riding down, with beautiful views. But it kind of smells like Yellowstone here, and the beaches are a bust.

Kendall is too tired so we decided to take our rest day tomorrow instead of Sunday. And then it will be two days of head winds to get back.

I guess having him use my cheap Trek mountain bike that I bought to pull the baby trailer with was a mistake. 

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