Thursday, March 15, 2012

1/4 Marathon distance brick

Nobody showed up for Spinning this morning, so after waiting long enough to make sure nobody was just being late, I went for a run. Kind of a long time between the bike and the run, but...

I think this is a good distance for me to work on for a while. Far enough to work me, but not so far that I get hurt.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Post White Rim Brick

Did my first brick since my attempt at a half marathon. The first week after the attempt I didn't run because my foot was sore, the second week I didn't run because I didn't want my legs to be tired for the White Rim trip.

The White Rim trip was excellent. Thursday night the stars were so bright with no light pollution. Then the moon came up. The moon was so bright you could have easily biked by the light of the moon. The temperature throughout the day was great, and I ended up with a bit of a sunburn.
I was doing real good at making all the climbs until the very end of Murphy's Hogback. With the added pressure of everyone watching, and a little slip of the rear wheel just before the top I ended up having to stop for a few seconds before finishing the climb. Then on the way up Shafers Trail there was snow a few inches deep on some of the switchbacks and I ended up having to push through a couple of snow banks. Other than that I made all the climbs.

When we got back to the road on top it was starting to get cold and dark. Fortunately Jake came by with his truck and picked us up.

I resumed with my program of running after the spinning class today. I felt fine physically but, was ready to be done with the run almost as soon as I started. Mentally I just didn't feel like running today.

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