Friday, February 25, 2005

Gooseberry Mesa

We did a day trip to Gooseberry Mesa today. The plan was to meet at the gas station in Hurricane at 10:30 and then drive out. However as we were headed down the freeway the front right tire blew out. We pulled to the side and the tire was smoking and shredded. So we were late getting to the gas station. Then we headed out on the dirt road towards Gooseberry and just a little distance in the road turned into a muddy mess and we got one truck stuck up to the axles. Luckily some crazy people in a Honda came by. They thought they would try and get through with their car, but then looked at the mess and came to their senses. Anyway they had some straps and so we pulled the truck out. They showed us the a way to get closer to Gooseberry, but in the end we had to park the trucks and ride a few miles on the dirt road before we could get there.

Anyway the ride was a lot of fun even though it got cut short due to time. A video of the trip is provided in the links on the left.

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