Thursday, September 04, 2008

Greatest Customers

So far I have had two scary problems. The first was where I accepted a large check for some bikes and then had the check bounce. We had the phone number written on the check but the copy the bank gave us blacked out the phone number (bad copying process) and so I didn't know how to get in contact with the customer. I did have an address and was thinking I would drop by his house. But instead he showed up in the store apologized for the check bouncing and repayed me.

Then a couple of days ago I sold a bike and accessories. The total on the bill came out to $575.00, but when I typed it into the credit card machine I didn't include the 00 so I ended up charging $5.75. Again I didn't have a phone number and I was worried I had just lost $500. Then he called this morning saying he noticed that the charge went in for $5.75.

It sure makes you feel good when you have honest customers that will do what is right! THANKS!!

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