Sunday, August 23, 2015

The gear for the coast

I'll take my normal biking gear including some long water proof pants and jacket. For camping I have a 15F sleeping bag and an Easton tent suffers into a compression bag. The tent was given to me by a good friend I first met at the bike store. I have a Nemo pillow, and Exped mattress that I used in Antarctica, also my MSR stove and a Coleman pot, the stove is inside the pot. An emergency poncho for rain, some Backpacker's Pantry food, some oatmeal and a Cabela's multi tool. The pliers worked great for handling the hot pot and for wiring gears to spokes in the middle of Antarctica. 
I have the fuel bottle in the bottle cage on my bike, and the rest of the gear will go in a bag on top of the rear rack and on a bag attached to the handlebars. Then my water and clothes and camera will go in my camelbak. I think I'll use my winter Shimano biking shoes. They should help with the wet conditions. 

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