Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nine Hundred Miles in Five Days?

I am really looking forward to next week. January and February have been overwhelmingly busy at the store as I liquidate my inventory. With no employees, and my son gone on a mission, it is everything I can do to keep up. Unfortunately I have hardly even ridden my bike the past two months as I try to get everything done.

So this Saturday will be my last day for the bike shop and then I will ride off into the sunrise. Working on the route from Eagle Mountain to Newport, it is going to be about 900 miles. I only have a 5 day window to make this work, and so I am going to cheat a little. I will ride down to the Frontrunner train station and then take the train up to Ogden, and then ride the remaining 800+ miles in 5 days. 160+ miles a day, which seems like a lot for me especially given how little I have ridden so far this year.

After getting to Newport I then need to be able to get the bike back home. There is no way that a bike will fit inside a Miata, and no way to put it into the trunk. I need a bike rack. But of course I can't cary the bike rack with me on my bike.

Swagman to the rescue! I contacted Swagman and they will be sending a Semi 2.0 to Newport.

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