Monday, February 23, 2015

Make It Fast

Change in plan, which has determined the bike and maybe the route. I have to be in Boise next Saturday, and then back in Eagle Mountain to do a presentation on Monday. I also have a presentation that I will be delivering to the URTA in St George on the 17th.

So to make the schedule work I will leave early Monday morning and go nearly 900 miles in 5 days, which means I will use the fastest lightest bike I have and stay in motels so that I don't need a tent and camping gear. I would have preferred to do it camping because of cost and just for the fun of it, but I figure it would be too hard to go 180 miles a day and camp.

Now back to route planning. Google was showing me what I thought would be a good biking route, but now for some reason it is no longer giving that route as a biking option.

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