Sunday, February 22, 2015

First post bike shop adventure

I now know what my first post bike shop adventure will be.

After opening my bike store I had to sell my Miata so that we could survive through the winter. I told the buyer that when she was ready to sell it she needed to give me the first option to buy it back.  A couple of days ago we got the call. She is getting a new Miata.

So my first bike adventure will be going to Newport Oregon to get my old Miata.

My nephew is getting baptized in Boise on the 7th. My wife suggested that I could ride with them to Boise and start my bike adventure from there. However after talking with the rest of the family they decided that there is not enough room in the car for everyone. Guess who was voted odd man out. Yup, I now get to do the full distance with my family's blessings.

Now to decide on the bike:

  • Giant Propel road bike. Nice and fast but carrying the needed gear could be a problem.
  • Giant Anthem mountain bike. Maybe more appropriate for carrying gear, but much slower.
  • South Pole Bikes Adventurer. Nice for crossing Antarctica, but not the best for a long road trip.
  • Snag a cyclocross bike? or maybe a gravel grounder? I do have a Giant TCX and a Giant Anyroad that still have not been picked up from my liquidation sale. Could be good options that would be suitable for putting all the gear on.
Next the route...

I just love to ride my bike.

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