Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thank You For Not Honking

Day 4: I am grateful for people that don't honk at me.

One year ago I was getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime,
biking to the South Pole.
I commute by bike most every day, which means I get to interact with the drivers on our roads. Since it is November I thought it would be nice to post some of the things I am grateful about the drivers in the area. I know that the conflict between bikes and cars can get out of hand sometimes, but there are also a lot of good drivers out there.

Because I own a bike shop and interact with people every day there are a lot of people in Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, and surrounding areas that know who I am. Occasionally they will see me riding my bike on the roads and give a little honk on the horn to say hi. It really is a nice gesture, however riding a bike on the road means you always have to be on the watch out for cars.

When someone honks the horn my instinct is that someone is about to hit me with their car. So, when I hear someone honk, even when they are just trying to say hi, I practically jump out of my skin, it scares me! I appreciate the friendliness, but I am really grateful for those that don't honk.

I just love to ride my bike. 


  1. I've been wanting to ask about those huge tires. They seem really popular right now, I can see the benefit for down-hillers. It seems like they are showing up on all sorts of bikes though.

    Isn't that a lot of mass to be pushing around in the wheel? There has always been such an emphasis on reducing mass on the outer edge of the wheels and these new fats ones seem to be throwing all that out the window.

    1. Yes, the big tires are a lot of mass on the outer edge of the wheels, so they are not the fastest bikes on the flats. But when climbing the fat tires give tremendous traction allowing me to climb things that can not be climbed with a mountain bike. Also the float makes it so you can ride in sandy and snowy conditions that are not possible with skinny tires.

      I have rental fat bikes in my store. Come rent one for the day and see how great they are.


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