Tuesday, October 07, 2014

You Will Fail: part 3 of 9

Before I left on my expedition to the South Pole I got a lot of advice from people. Biking to the South Pole is a seemingly impossible task. I assume these people were honestly concerned about my welfare. This is part three of nine posts looking at some of the advice I was given.

Mike said,
“Please give it some thought. I'd like to see the next group succeed.”

This is really a harsh statement. It implies that I cannot succeed; I am not even worthy to make the attempt. The thing is, nobody thought I could make it to the South Pole. Well, almost nobody. My wife says she never doubted I could make it, but that it was a really stupid idea.

Are you going to let others determine what you can and can't do? Are you going to let them keep you from even trying?

In order to do the seemingly impossible, you sometimes have to be willing to do what others may think is stupid. Like Phil said in Groundhog Day, "Sometimes I think you just have to take the big chances."

I just love to ride my bike.

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