Thursday, October 09, 2014

Motivational Talk at Liahona Youth Conference

Fun day today. It started out by giving motivational speech at the Liahona Youth Conference. It was the fourth and final day of the conference. John Bytheway was speaking before me. John is a great speaker and really funny. His presentations are always great, so I am thinking it will be a hard act to follow.

Well, I think it went great. I got a nice standing ovation, and a lot of people coming up afterwards to talk to me. I am just pleased that they enjoyed the presentation.

The youth conference was at Aspen Grove on the Alpine Loop. So of course afterwards I went for a bike ride. My original plan was to take off from Aspen Grove and bike around Timp, hoping to finish before dark. I was getting ready to go and then I realized something.

My daughter has the car and would be getting home late, and of course I took the truck, which meant that my wife had no way to get home from work. Change of plans, ride the trails in AF Canyon and then get back in time to give my wife a ride home.

The colors up American Fork canyon were spectacular. The red maples were a bit faded, but the yellow aspens were glowing, and even the oaks which frequently just brown out were a nice red. The trails were just right, not so wet to be muddy, but also not so dry as to be dusty. Without a doubt fall is the best time to mountain bike.

I just love to ride my bike.

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