Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Last time

This is probably the last time I do this loop for a while. My plan is to hike Timp for some altitude training, and then do easy rides until the race next Saturday.

Took the GPS along for the ride today. The fork in the road (where this picture was taken) is at 7180 feet. Starting altitude 4750 ft, highest point 8200 ft, for a gain in 3450 feet in about 4 miles.

For some reason I was struggling today. Kept getting stuck on the hills and having to push. I guess it is good for keeping me humble. I was thinking about trying to finish the race with a good time, now I'm back to the more reasonable goal of finishing.

Someone had been up the trail with a motorcycle. It is easy to get annoyed seeing the tracks up the hill. I think because you work so hard to get there it is hard to see someone get a "free ride". However, I have to feel glad that others get to enjoy the beautiful sites no matter how they get there.

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