Friday, June 11, 2004

Almost the weekend

The rain yesterday made the trail conditions great today. My legs are still tired from Wednesday's ride, but I was able to climb a hill I have never been able to climb before. It would be nice to have a two day break, but I guess we are going riding tomorrow morning. Oh well I guess I will drive to church on Sunday instead of walking.

Today's picture is of the mountain we have been riding around. The full picture has a soft focus effect. I figured it was just a bad focus job, but looking at the lens I saw a nice water spot from yesterday's rain.

A few days ago I came up with a bunch of thoughts for the blog, but they must not have been that great because I forgot what they were.

Oh, I got one... When using a camera with a small lens it doesn't take much of a water spot to mess up the focus.

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