Thursday, May 14, 2015

The LaMiWa Epic -- Day #3: The Hills Begin

Distance: 90.3 miles
Climbing: 3,130 feet

Total Distance: 330.7 miles
Total Climbing: 5,854 feet

Max Speed: 36.9 mph

Today was the first day of hill country. It was a lot of work getting up each hill, but the downhills were fun. I normally like to push as hard as I can down hills, but I decided to take it easy on the descents today. It was great to go over 30 mph without pedaling, but it usually ended too fast. I've missed having great downhills ever since I moved out of Utah.

Some of my route went through Amish country. I saw four horses and buggies going the other direction. There were all kinds of signs for Amish furniture along the way. The great thing about the horses was that the roads had a nice wide shoulder to accommodate them. The downside was that I needed to dodge the "emissions."

I biked past a small airport today.

I corssed this river somewhere near Bolivar, Ohio.

The picture doesn't really convey how hard these rolling hills are to climb.

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