Friday, May 08, 2015

The LaMiWa Epic -- Day #2: Snake Bite

Distance: 116.8 miles
Climbing: 1,342 feet

Total Distance: 240.4 miles
Total Climbing: 2,724 feet

I had a nice tailwind this morning and I was able to get some good mileage until about Norwalk. I followed US 20 most of the way from Perrysburg to Norwalk, but there was a nice biking trail that went from Fremont to Bellevue that I took for some of the distance. I was getting hopeful that I might make it all the way to Strasburg.

About half a mile outside of Norwalk I ran over a piece of glass and got a flat tire. I changed the tube, pulled out the glass, and pumped up the tire the best that I could. Half a mile later I got another flat. I ended up walking about 1.5 miles to a bike shop in Norwalk to see what was up. It turns out I got a "snake bite" flat. These happen when the bike goes over a big bump and the tube gets pinched. The result is two holes in ththe tube that look like a snake bite.

The flat tires cost me about two hours of time. After that, I had no chance of getting to Strasburg. I was happy to make it to Wooster. I hit my first hill just a few miles outside of Ashland. When I got to Ashland, I was feeling very hot and tired. I happened to see a small shake shop on my route. It was just what I needed. It was great to take a break and cool down before biking the rest of the way to Wooster.

I've come to the end of the flat portion of my trek. I'll be climbing up some steep hills over the next few days. I probably won't be able to get as many miles in per day, but in a strange way I'm looking forward to the hills.

Tomorrow's Goal: Steubenville, Ohio. It's on the border of Ohio and West Virginia.

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