Monday, March 16, 2015

You think I would know better

When you put your bikes on the back of a car you need to make sure that the exhaust from the car does not hit the tires of the bike. It is something I am well aware of, however today I fell victim to the problem.

I am giving a presentation in St George tomorrow. Of course if I am going to go all the way to St George then I am taking my mountain biking and getting some good riding in. When we got here and went to take the bikes off the rack my front tire was a melted mess. I'm pretty upset with myself for this as now I will have to sell a lot of books just to break even on the trip.
Cryptobiotic crusts with red rock background

After a trip to Red Rock Bicycle we finally were able to get a ride in. Took the Bear Claw Poppy trial out to Stucki Springs and then we followed a couple of women back down a trail they called the Snake Pit. Great ride but Kendall is a bit sore from his crash.

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