Monday, March 02, 2015

I don't know

The day started out with rain and snow,  but the weather forecast looked like it would be better up north. I took the train to Ogden. My plan was to catch the train that arrives as the 7 am but I slept in and so I was an 2 hours late getting started.

The ride to Brigham city went well, then I turned west too soon and ended up wasting twenty miles biking around the bird refuge. Now I was over four hours behind schedule and moving slow.

After getting back on track it started raining. I waited too long before stopping and putting rain gear on. By the time I made it too the rocket display I was soaked and the rain was turning to snow.

I finally made it to I 84 and it was getting late. So I gave in and let a relative come and rescue me.

There is now a fair amount of snow on the ground. With how far behind I am, and with all the snow I may have to abort and try again in a couple of weeks. I will evaluate the situation in the morning.

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