Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Falling Rock

We really did need the rain, but having it rain non-stop for a week sure makes it hard to go biking. We finally got a break today, but it is suppose to rain and snow for the rest of the week. I wasn't sure if would get another chance to ride this week so I decided I better make today's ride a good one. Rode from work up to the top of the hill under the pipe. The trail was incredibly nice for having so much rain. I guess rocks just don't turn into mud.

There was a lot of fallen rock on the trail today. On slate hill there was a rock slide that left a rock the size of an end table in the middle of the trail. I was able to clear a trail good enough for coming down, but it will take a little more work to make it so we can go up in that spot. However it has blocked the trail to where no trucks will be able to make it past.

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