Monday, October 04, 2004

Broken Spoke

It is obvious from the average speed and distance that we did not drive out to the canyon today. I guess I must have broken a spoke last Thursday. It took me until today to figure out that I had a broken spoke. I heard a noise on Friday when we started out but didn't know what it was. Today part way into the ride I stopped to figure out what was making the noise when Glendon asked if I had another broken spoke. He could see that my wheel wasn't straight.

So today after work I took my bike in to get the spoke replaced. After taking the cassette off we could see that all of the spokes next to the cassette were damaged from the chain going over the top. This hasn't happened in a long time but I guess all of the rough riding has started to make the damaged spokes break, so I had all of the damaged spokes replaced. Hopefully now I can go for a while without any more broken spokes.

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