Friday, July 10, 2015

Programmer to bike shop owner to polar explorer and back to programmer

As I prepare to re-enter the world of computer programming I decided to write a little game, Epic Color Crash, for iOS. It is now on the App Store.

I was just doing it for the fun of it and didn't plan on porting it to any other platforms, and so I wrote it in Swift just to learn the new language.

Well, it turns out I like the game and have family and friends that would like to play it but they are using Android phones. So now I find myself wanting to put it on Android. How do I do that? Here is what I have been looking at:

  1. Rewrite using the Android SDK. I installed the SDK and started playing around with it. Going through the tutorials I was able to get a simple app up and running on my Galaxy S5. 
  2. My friend, Doug, suggested I use the Corona SDK. My game is simple and really shouldn't be bad to rewrite in Corona. I started working on it and got some of the features working in Corona. However it just doesn't feel right. I don't know if it is just some physics engine changes I need to make or what, but the physics just feels slow.
  3. Use a code conversion service. I started looking at MyAppConverter. Looked interesting because the Android app would be a native app and so I'm thinking it would perform better. However they don't convert Swift to Android. So to use this I would first have to rewrite my game in Objective C. I love Objective C so this may be something I'm willing to do.
The biggest problem with all of this is I have an ever growing list of other apps I want to write and so I want to move past my Color Crash game and get working on my more exciting projects.

And in all of this plays into my employment dilemma. I need a job so that I can have insurance and pay off my bike store debts, but I have so many great programming projects that I would like to just change Epic Biking into a software development company and produce my own software. I have a buyer for one of the projects so it looks like it would be quite profitable. However it will take a few months to get some income flowing, and having gone 7 years with no income I'm not sure I can survive the few months it will take to get some cash flow.

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