Friday, April 03, 2015

Prime the pump

The day started out a bit cool, but calm. When I left my camping spot I had one bottle of water left from all the water I got i n Corrine. I tried to be caeful, but ran out of water around noon.

Between the cold headwind, my sore rear end being beat up by a trail that was post holed by cows walking on the muddy trail, and my lack of hydration it turned into a very slow and painful ride.

I finally hit the pavement about 10 miles from the Idaho boarder. I kept hoping to find somewhere to get water, but there just wasn't anything, not even a dirty creek, or a cow watering trough.

Then there was a turn off for the city off rocks, and a sign that said 1 mile to a store with beer, food, and pop. So I turned down the dirt road. One mile later, no sign of a store, so I claimed back up to the pavement, somehow the sign had magically changed and said 4 miles to the store. Too far away, so I continued on. The map said that there was a raft creek ahead. I figured if I didn't find any houses before them I would just drink straight from the creek. Finally I found a house, knocked on a door, and was able to get one more bottle of water. Of course I needed more. I stretched it out until I made it to Malta, and a gas station. Alas it was closed. I continued on until it became too dark to ride safely, and then started pushing hoping to get pucked up and maybe catch a ride to Burley.

Not to far later a lady arrived home and then came out on her bike to ask if I needed anything. Thanks Poulsens for putting me up for the night!

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