Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daniel Boone

I found this post sitting in unpublished mode. I wrote this a long time ago, but never published it. Oh well here it is:

My 6th great grandfather was Daniel Boone, I was named after my grandfather who was also named Daniel Boone. Frequently when I am out in the wilderness I think that I must have his blood in my veins. He blazed the Wilderness Road, and was a true explorer.

They call Antarctica the worlds last great wilderness. Biking to the South Pole would be an adventure worthy of the memory of Daniel Boone.

I am not good at being patient. I want so bad to get this project going. I have created a Kickstarter page to get the funding, but until I get things figured out with Antarctic Logistics and Exploration/Adventure Network International I can't finish creating the project. Also I need to have a great project video. Mike Karr of Seen by Scene is going to help me create my project video, and then create the documentary when the trip is done.

I think the documentary will be cool, but really it is a means to an end. I have sunk my life savings into my bike store and am the most broke person I know. I can't fund this myself, and I think that getting enough sponsorship money using conventional means just wouldn't get me there. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited about the documentary, but even if there were no documentary I would still want to do this.

Back to the Daniel Boone thoughts. He was a legend in his own time, and apparently he knew it, and perhaps to some extent intentionally shaped that legend. I guess a documentary and travel log are ways that modern day explorers shape their legend. Since I know this and have considered this in the past I don't think there is any way for this not to influence what I write, but I'll do my best to try and give a true picture of the adventure.

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