Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I've been so busy that I neglected to write in the blog. I did ride the bike into work on Monday followed by an hour of Spinning followed by running to the high school and back. But Tuesday I spent the training time putting together my new bike.

The new tri bike is almost ready, and has been given a name, Nightfury. Getting everything in place and routing all the cables through the frame took a lot of work, now all I have to do is cut the seatpost and adjust the brake pads.

Short Spinning class this morning followed by a 2 mile run. I have been running 2 miles most days, with a 3 mile and 4 mile run thrown in. I think I will try a longer run next chance I get.

I was warned I need to do a half iron before doing a full iron. Of course I figure I should do an olympic before the half, and a sprint before the olympic.

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