Friday, November 07, 2008

On the way back down I went down the northern down hill trail that I guess people are calling the Flintstones trail.

They have added a few wood features to it. The first one caught me off guard so I didn't ride it although it was mild enough I could have. There was one wood feature that I did actually ride over, but it was the widest and easiest feature on the trail. You sure can tell a lot more people are riding this trail than the south trail which looks like it hasn't been being used at all.

There were a couple of the corners on the Flintstones trail that look like they are holding puddles and were just a tad muddy. I need to bring some tools with me next time so I can help improve the trail.

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  1. Thanks for charting the trail Dan. I rode it on Friday morning as well and noticed those same turns holding water. In general the soul out there handles the water well, but the way I bermed those turns doesn't allow for much run off.

    I have not been riding the south trail because I'm enjoying the new wood features so much and also because there are so many people shooting their guns at the bottom of that trail during the late summer and fall. I would like to spend some time on it though and see if we can't improve it a bit. It gets pretty rocky when there is a lot of rain as it is so steep and has very few water breaks.



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