Friday, October 14, 2005

Blow out

On the way into work this morning my front tube exploded. Mike thought it was a car back firing. We put in a new tube, thinking it must have been a poor quality tube. Then as Mike pumped up the tire it exploded again spraying us in the face with dirt and debris. Still not understanding what was wrong we put a new tube in and only pumped it up to 90 psi. Then just before we put the wheel back on the bike, Russ caught up with us and noticed that the tube was sticking out a hole in the side wall. Turns out the brake pad was a bit high and was rubbing against the tire every time I used the brakes. Anyway I went back to Mad Dog where I bought the bike and complained that they set it up with the brakes rubbing the tires. They were nice enough to allow me to get a new replacement tire or a credit towards the tire if I wanted to upgrade. So now I am running on new Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires. They a bit heavier but are suppose to be puncture resistant. We will see how they work.

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