Friday, September 10, 2004

Back to blogging

I didn't have my computer with me for the last two rides, and between being sick, holiday, and work getting in the way, we haven't ridden as much. I decided to prevent the problem of the computer not getting back on the bike I will now just carry a pad of paper and pencil in the trunk of the car so I can jot the numbers down and leave the computer in place.

Today we found a nice camp spot at the top of the pipe hill. One of these times soon we are going to do a picnic there.

While riding today I remembered how much harder this canyon was for me just a couple of months ago. I still don't make it up the hardest hills without pushing but I am getting closer, and I don't struggle as much on the rest of the canyon.
I think one of the hardest parts of writing a blog for every ride is coming up with the title. Maybe I am doing it wrong, I should write my blog and then look back at it and find the title?

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