Saturday, July 11, 2015

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I got Epic Color Crash converted form Swift to Objective C. The conversion was easier than I expected.

I like how in swift you can initialize properties of objects that reference other objects when defining the properties. Objective C does not allow that. Also I liked the optionals in Swift.

Anyway after the conversion there were just a few bugs. Mostly they were just silly translation errors.

With the Objective C version of the game working I am now ready to see what MyAppConverter will do to it. Unfortunately my app compresses to just over 5MB with all of the images and sounds included which makes the conversion too expensive to experiment with. Even without the images and sounds the compression is more than their 1MB free option. The documentation doesn't state which files should be included in the compressed file sent in for conversion, and it looks like I won't get an answer back from them during the weekend, so the conversion test will have to be paused over the weekend.

So back to the next game. Do I continue to write it in Swift or should I write in Objective C so it can be converted to Android?

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