First person to bike to the South Pole, bicycle shop owner, and software engineer. 
I worked as a software engineer for 23 years for WordPerfect and Novell and have experience with many programming languages and operating systems. I spent seven years giving back to the community with my bike store and am now looking to return to a career as a software engineer.
• Objective-C
• C/C++
• Ajax
• Ruby
• Postscript
• HPL5
• Assembly
• Windows
• Macintosh
• Apple II
• Unix/Linux
• NeXTStep
• iOS
• Tomcat
• Web Services
• Open Source
• Apache
• Object Oriented Design
• Software Design
• Java
• Javascript
• Pascal
• Magic Cap
• NetWare
• Bash
• Public Speaking

Business Motivational Speaker — 2014-Present
First person to bike to the South Pole.
Speaking topics include: Mental toughness, owning the results, employee motivation, achieving the impossible, healthy living, tenacity, overcoming obstacles.
My expedition to the South Pole is not only a great story, but the ability to continue on for 51 days even when it looked impossible has given me an experience that is great for relating to everyday problems. I worked for 23 years as a computer programmer and have a great understanding of working in small companies and large corporations. For the last 7 years I have been self employed as a bike shop owner.
Epic Biking LLC, Saratoga Springs, UT  — 2007-Present
In an effort to give back to the community I opened Epic Biking. The focus of Epic Biking was to improve quality of life by getting people riding bikes. For 7 years Epic Biking served the community by providing quality bikes and service.
Software Engineer Consultant
Novell Inc, Provo UT — 1994-2007
Lead developer for the management software for the Small Business version of NetWare.
Wrote the management software for clustering for NetWare.
I created an internet file sharing system and was granted two software patents for my work. This project was combined with software from other developers to create the NetStorage feature for NetWare. For NetStorage I created the web interface using Ajax techniques. This involved creating the server code written in C, and the web interface using HTML and Javascript.
Senior Software Engineer 
Novonyx, Orem, UT  — 1998-2000
Wrote the web user interface for managing Novonyx's email system. This involved both web based programming and creating the backend server software to interface with the client side web based user interface. (Note: While I was at Novonyx it was a company owned by Novell)
Software Engineer Consultant & Manager
WordPerfect, Orem, UT  — 1984-1994
Programmer on WordPerfect for the Apple, Unix, NeXT, and Windows.
In the Apple group I worked on every part of WordPerfect programming in assembly language and was promoted to the manager of the Apple Development group reporting to Allan Ashton.
On Unix programmed in C, converting WordPerfect for DOS (written in Assembly).
On the NeXT programmed in Objective C. The Mac OS X and iOS are descendants of the NeXTStep OS. For the NeXT we created the first truly WYSIWYG version of WordPerfect which became the foundation for WordPerfect 5.0 for Windows, the first successful version of WordPerfect for Windows.
For WordPerfect for Windows we took the NeXT version of WordPerfect and adapted it for Windows. The project was divided into Windows specific code and core code that could be used on other operating systems. I worked on the core code and was the manager of the printing group.
Brigham Young University — 1982-1986
Computer Science
US Patent 7,130,880
System and method for sharing files via a user Internet file system 
US Patent 6,947,991 
Method and apparatus for exposing network administration stored in a directory using HTTP/WebDAV protocol 
Biking, Exploring, Hiking
South Pole Epic - 2015

The story of the first successful bike expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

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