Friday, November 06, 2015

I got lazy

The shuffle mode on the iPhone doesn't do a good job of randomizing. It likes to play the same songs over and over and then some songs never get played. This morning on the way to work the phone started playing an audio recording from the day I was at the South Pole, something the phone hasn't selected to play for nearly two years.

It was interesting to hear what I had to say that day. A few weeks ago I was looking at my journal and noticed that it stopped the day before I got to the South Pole. I had gotten lazy and did the final journaling using audio recordings instead of writing.

I think it is interesting that the story I tell has not changed from what I said in that audio recording. We all know of stories that grow in the retelling. My story however seems to be staying true to the actual events.

Anyway, hearing this has made me want to get the movie made. Now that I have a job I can actually put some money towards getting the movie made and so I can feel good about starting up a Kickstarter to get the movie done.

One of the first things I need to do with a new job, and thus a new computer is to set the desktop picture. So I took this picture from a bike ride a couple of months ago and divided it into thirds so it could span all three monitors.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I'm Committed

Or maybe the title should be "I should be committed!" 

I just started a new job as a software developer for Xactware. It is about 25 miles round trip from my home. I committed to myself that I would bike every day to work. Yesterday was getting set up. Getting access to the showers etc. So today is the first day of the biking to work commitment.

From the vantage point of Xactware looking across Utah Valley it looks nice. A mix of clouds and blue sky. Looks like the prefect day to bike to work. But that is not what it was like while I was biking.

I decided to use my aero road bike (Giant Propel) today. Bad choice. It was windy all night, and this morning there was a bit of rain mixed into the high winds. Oh well, I'm committed. 

As I started the rain started to pick up, by the time I was headed down the highway towards Saratoga Springs the road was a flow of water and the winds were threatening to push the little bike right out from under me, or worse toss me into the rush hour traffic. 

I try to obey the laws, like stop signs and stop lights. I failed this morning. First in the driving rain the light turned red right before I got there the icy rain pelting the side of my face was bad enough that I slipped through the light. Then when stopped at the next light I tried to time it so I would start across the intersection the moment it turned green. Sitting still in that rain was no fun. However there was a turn signal at that light so my timing was off and I went through the intersection before the light turned green. 

So I guess I gave the bike haters out there more things to complain about. I'm sorry, but man that was bad weather!

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