Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Icebreaker Tri

Well, like all things journalish, I get a good start and then quickly regress in to fewer and fewer entries.

Last Saturday was my first triathlon. I was worried that I would look pretty stupid having a really fancy bike and coming in last place, but I was actually quite pleased with how things turned out.

As expected I was extremely slow on the swim. I broke down and ran through the shallow parts to get through that part of the event. I need to get some swim time in to improve my performance. However I really think, with some work, I could get to being middle of the pack on the swim.

My transition times were slow, but that was somewhat intentional. I was trying to feel things out, and didn't rush the transitions. In fact I waited a little on the first transition for my GPS to sync with the satellites. It was good to check out what the pros were doing to get a good idea on how I want to work the whole transition part. I think I will have to try the rubber band trick they were using to get into the shoes that were already snapped into the pedals.

My bike went well. I was passed by one other cyclist right at the start. I think it was one of the pro riders that was doing his second lap. I ended up with what I feel is a great ranking on the bike, especially given that I went off course. Talking with someone before the race about the course I was told that you turn right at the second stop sign. Well it is the third, so I turned down the wrong road, and looking around didn't see anyone else on that road, and the people I had just passed continued straight through the intersection. So I quickly turned around and got back on course. I lost at about a minute with this mistake, so I would have been up several places in the bike and overall standings had I not made the wrong turn.

My run went well I passed a lot of people and didn't get passed by many. My knee was still real sore from my last training run, but I still ran it faster than any of my training runs. I was thinking it was going to take awhile before my knee would be ready to run again, but today it is actually feeling better than it was before the tri.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything worked out. I can easily improve on my transitions, and swimming which should move me into the upper sections on the results. I also think I can improve on the run, but not as much as I can on the swim and transitions. The biking is probably where it is going to stay.





Racer Number:42
Chip Time Information
Actual Start Time:08:16:53.331
Stop Time:09:27:56.853
Chip Time:01:11:03.5
Gun Time Information
Assigned Start Time:08:04:12.100
Stop Time:09:27:56.853
Gun Time:01:23:44.7

FINAL TIME: 01:11:03.5

Race Distance: Triathlon
Overall Placing
Time Back:00:17:37.400
Gender Placing
Time Back:00:17:37.400
Division Placing
M 45-49 Place:11
Time Back:00:08:42.200
NoNameInterval TimeTotal TimePaceOverall PlaceOverall BackGender PlaceGender BackDivsion PlaceDivision Back

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