Tuesday, March 25, 2008

75.4 MPG in a Prius

Well, I had a long drive but plenty of time to do it so I decided to see how good of gas mileage I could get on the Prius. As I started my trip I was headed in to a blizzard with terrible head winds, so the first half of my trip didn't go so well on the mileage experiment. But then when I refilled in Winnemucca I reset the mileage and then proceeded on the back roads to see how high I could go. It seemed that the trip from Winnemucca to Oregon was mostly up hill. Somewhere before I got to Klamath Falls I realized I had to give up the experiment if I was going to get checked in to my room in time. So I stopped and got a picture of the results, 75.4 MPG.

I figured the rest of the way my mileage would go down real bad as I had to go over a mountain range and I had to drive fast to get there in time. However when I got to Ashland my over all mileage was still over 73 mpg.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I have been planning on opening my store, Epic Biking, in a building to be built North of SR 73 in Saratoga Springs. However, it was taking too long to get the building built, and a better location, that I was told was not available last year, is now available. So I have moved to the Crossroads Plaza.

That was about the easiest move I have ever done since I didn't have to physically move anything. Still, it will be the most expensive move I have made due to some commitments. Anyway there is the new home of Epic Biking. In a couple of months I hope to be open. Then you can all come to my store (or my estore) and give me your hard earned cash. :-)

My Bicycle Store