Thursday, October 30, 2008

Juniper Trail

I rode up the Juniper trail in the Eagle Mountain bike park on the way to work. The trail is designed to go from the south end to the north, but of course I went the opposite direction. The first hill from the bottom is climbable, but I guess I just haven't been doing enough climbing and had too much weight in my backpack, so I only made it as far as the last turn before having to put a foot down.

After getting to the start of the Juniper trail I continued out towards Lake Mountain. I would like to figure out a trail from the Ranches to the top of Lake Mountain, so I took a shovel with me to clear stuff from the trail and try and make it more ridable, and thus the heavy backpack.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eagle Mountain Bike Park

After working on the Eagle Mountain Bike park last Saturday I decided to quit riding the road bike into work and to use my mountain bike and detour through the bike park on the way in.

I am so excited about the bike park. The trails that have been built so far are great, and will be even better as more features are added. The pump track is starting to take shape, and the down hill run has been cleared. It was great to see so many people out working on the park.

Question: On a road with a dashed yellow line down the center, when you pass a bike should you see if you can squeeze your car between the center line and the cyclist without hitting him with your mirror? of should you move left to the empty lane? It is amazing how many people get this question wrong on a daily basis.

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