Friday, December 05, 2014

Cloud 10

Riding up Pine Hollow yesterday I climbed up into the clouds. The Autograph song Cloud 10 came to mind. "It's just one step up from Cloud 9." What a great ride!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Clean Up Your Room

One day I walked into my son's bedroom. The mess under his bed had gotten out of control. I told him it had to be cleaned up immediately .

A few hours later, I went back and was surprised to see that the room was nice and clean and the mess under his bed was gone. What a great kid! We then opened his closet and all the junk that had been under his bed fell out of the closet and all over the floor.

He hadn't solved the problem, but just moved it to a new place.

Moving the Utah state prison from Bluffdale to somewhere else within commuting distance of Bluffdale is like taking the junk out from under the bed and stuffing it into the closet. The reason for moving the prison is that the real estate the prison sits on is valuable. Moving the prison to somewhere within commuting distance of Bluffdale is simply moving it to another piece of land that is, or in the near future will be, too valuable to be the site for the prison.

The sensible solution is to expand the prison in Gunnison. There is already a prison there, so you are not damaging the neighboring property values. The people who work at the prison can commute to Gunnison, move to Gunnison, or quit. Those who will quit will be replaced by people who will move to Gunnison.

The prison relocation initiative is simply motivated by developers trying to make a quick buck. That is fine, but to distroy the private property values in the new location of the prison so developers can make a lot of money developing the old location is simply immoral.

Relocate the prison to Gunnison. 

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