Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great Western Trail in the Winter

I should have been doing the interval training, but on Monday I had an appointment with the outplacement agency that Novell hires for people they lay off. So after dropping the kids off at school I figured I would just hang around the area and take pictures until my appointment. So I headed up the Great Western trail. This is a trip we frequently do on mountain bikes.

It looked like I would be able to finish the whole trip in time for my appointment, but I had a hard time finding the trail in the snow at the one point, and ended up being about 40 minutes late for my meeting. Oh well I got some great pictures, and I'm not looking for a job anyway, because I am going to open my bike store as soon as they get the building built. I put the pictures together as a video an then thought I would try uploading to youtube and to blogger. My first attempt at uploading a video.

While walking the trail I realized why I no longer like winter. It is because I don't do enough winter activities. It was great to spend some time appreciating the simple things in life, the beauty of nature. It was also fun to run across a LARGE herd of elk. Anyway, if anyone ever reads this, I hope you enjoy the video.

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