Friday, December 14, 2007

Big Cushy vs Light Weight

I guess I have finally capitulated and started riding the indoor bike. It seems every month in the Bicycling Magazine there is an article by Chris Charmichael promoting some intervals based workout routine. This month it is steady state intervals and power intervals. I figured now that I am indoors I might actually try this interval thing and see how it goes.

I did a set of steady state intervals yesterday and then a long steady ride today, that is if you can call 1 hour long, it gets boring being indoors so about 1 hour is all I can do. The intervals, however, were not to bad but the seat is a different story. When people see my light weight seat they always question how comfortable it could be. However I can ride my bike with the nice light not much to it seat for 11 hours straight and not get as sore as the big padded cushy seat that came with the stationary bike I am using. I also find sitting for an hour on a padded bench at church much more difficult to endure than all day on the bike.

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