Friday, August 27, 2004

No Rain

It has been a long time since we have had any rain on the Slate Canyon trail. Yesterday when we were riding we came across some muddy spots and a spot where a spring had come out in the middle of the road. I guess we have more water than we have had for awhile even though it is still quite dry. Anyway, there is a place on the Slate Canyon trail where you come around a tree and when it has rained there is a big puddle. The last time we had rain, I had kind of forgotten about the possibility of the puddle being there. As I came around the tree I wasn't ready, but was still able to manage to go around the puddle. However I cut a bit close to the mud and the soft edge gave way. My tire slipped into the mud and then I was had to live with mud getting flipped into my face for awhile.

In life we need to be on the constant watch to guard ourselves from filth. Sometimes we get to comfortable and let our guard down. And then it is best to keep as much distance between you and the filth as possible, so you don't slip into it and then have to live with the consequences of not keeping your distance.

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