Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Took off after work today and rode blackhawk trail on Mt. Nebo. It is a nice longer ride that has some great single track. I hadn't had a real wreck since before the Brianhead ride, but I made up for it today. We came to a boggy river crossing and for some stupid reason I tried to ride through it. As soon as my front wheel hit the river/bog it stuck and I went over the handle bars. The worst part of it though was landing on the rocks.

If that wasn't bad enough right after this picture was taken I went off the side of the hill. If you look close you can make out my helmet behind the tree. The trail was soft and there was a little rock that should not have been a problem but for some reason is psyched me out and I went of the trail and had the tree catch me from falling down the hill.

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