Monday, April 08, 2019

SeaWorld doing the rides

We went back to SeaWorld again today. My grandson just had such a blast at Sesame Street last time, we had to come back and do it again with his mom and dad. So we spent about half a day doing Sesame Street and the Orca show, and then spent the last half of the day doing the roller coasters, and water rides.

We got drenched watching the Orcas and so then went to the splash pad and rinsed off the salt water. And then went and rode the Infinity Falls. It is a pretty good water rapids fall, not too long and the last drop that seems like it will be pretty intense, isn't as bad as it looks.

I'm not a big roller coaster guy, but we had a blast doing the coasters at SeaWorld. The Mako coaster was the biggest coaster I've been on. I think half the time I was floating out of my seat. Then we did the Manta coaster. My daughter did NOT want to do that a second time. You are essentially riding the whole thing laying on your stomach. The first drop was terrifying and they take your picture at the bottom, but then as you head back up and around the next loop... yeah well it just gets even more terrifying. Finally we did the Kraken which is more rickety than the others and has a lot of loops. It really is a good set of roller coasters, and the lines were only like 5 to 10 minute waits. After Kraken we did the Atlantis ride which is something of a combo water ride and boat ride. Kinda cool.

We tried out the all day dining plan for one of us. It worked out good, and was enough food to share with the rest of us. I also bought their refillable drink cup. Usually I count on these park trips as a way to get some exercise in while not eating much because I don't want to pay the prices they charge for the food, but I think today I ate more calories than I burned.

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