Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Homestead Florida, Bike the Florida Keys part 1

So, my friend Kendall, flew into Orlando this morning. His flight was delayed, probably die to all the issues with the 737 Max planes being grounded. So by the time we hit home it was about 4 am.
Today we did our final packing and then drove down to Homestead Florida. Key Largo is just a few miles from here. The plan is to bike from Key Largo to Marathon tomorrow, and then stay with some people we found through couch surfing. This is our first time trying out couch surfing. We tried getting other hosts in Key West and in Marathon for the return trip but so far have not been successful.
This is a trip that Kendall suggested way back before I decided I want to move to Florida. Before this trip my biking in Florida has consisted of the local bike paths and roads near Clermont.
Video of biking most prominent point in Florida:

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