Sunday, August 23, 2015

Next Adventure: Oregon Coast Trail

I was planning on being headed to Oregon by now. Originally Jake and I were planning on leaving right after church and driving to Astoria. The problem is it is a 13+ hour drive, and so I would arrive sometime after 3 in the morning. With two drivers this would be possible, but Jake ended up not being able to go this week, and by myself I can't do that drive. So I will get rest tonight and start first thing in the morning.

I plan on driving to Astoria Oregon and biking along the Oregon Coast Trail until I run out of time. The "trail" consists of riding on the beach as much as possible. Should be fun with my fat bike. The trail also includes some nice trails over areas where there isn't a sandy beach, and to get around rivers I have two options, find a boat that will ferry me to the other side, or jump on the road and go to the nearest bridge.

Mostly this is an experimental trip. Assuming it works out decently then we will have to return some day and do the full 400 mile trip from the north end of Oregon to the south.

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