Sunday, August 16, 2015

New church building

The Bishop must not think I am getting enough exercise on Sundays. 

We use to go to the building that is a mile from my home. It just seemed that being so close it was not right to drive to church so I would walk. 

Then a few years ago they moved us across the highway to a church building that is about two miles from home. The neighborhood has a designated horse trail system. I say designated because mostly the trails don't really exist. Such was the case for the trail between my house and the church.

The first few weeks I would scamper up and over hills, through brush, and around the empty wash. It was quite an adventure each week, and I would get to church looking like I had been on safari. Eventually I figured out the best route through the gully and built the trail. It is now a pretty nice trail, yet often I still get to church all dusty and dirty. The horse riders enjoy the trail I built and it gets pretty dusty. 

So today is our first day at a new church building. Actually the building isn't new, President Hinkley dedicated it years ago. However it is the new location for our ward. My route this morning ended up being 5.3 miles. 
I thought about following the old railroad bed that goes through the valley. While it was still visible, and with the fat bike I could go through the fields, it wasn't really a nice route. Looking to the south east I could see a nice dirt road climbing up a hill. 

OK, a long sleeve shirt and tie are not the best for mountain biking, and wanting not to be too drenched in sweat I had to go easy, but it was a fun little climb with a great view of the valley. 
After dropping down the other side of the hills I hit the old Pony Express trail and pretty much followed it the rest of the way to the church. 
Ironically, in spite of google's efforts to get more sites to be mobile friendly, Blogger does not work well for creating post from a mobile device.  So I'll have to fix up the positions of these images when I get home. 
I just love to ride my bike. 

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