Saturday, April 04, 2015

The High Desert is not as fun as the Snake River Canyon

89.1 miles
It was a cloudy day. It started out being a calm day. I followed the old Oregon Trail as it climbed out of the Snake River canyon and onto the high open desert where there are big wind farms. That is a great place for a wind farm, and an aweful place to bike west.

The rest of the day was into a good headwind. By the time I made it to Mountain Home I decided to take the shortest route to Kuna where I plan on taking Sunday as a rest day.

Even taking the freeway, the shortest route, I ended up getting 89 mikes for the day. I was thinking the draft of hundreds of trucks headed west would pull me along. However there was just enough of a cross headwin wind reduced the effect from the trucks and i still had a good headwind.

I will take a rest day tomorrow and sleep and watch General Conference. 

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