Friday, April 10, 2015

Seeing the forest.

9 April 2015 121.6 miles.
This was a great day. On Wednesday it was a cold and miserable headwind. My Achilles was killing me and my toes were freezing. So I stopped at the gas station in Riley to get some hand warmers to stick into my shoes, just as I was getting ready to leave a guy and his wife in a truck offered me a ride to Bend. I took it.

I found a nice room in Bend and spent some time getting the swelling ankle to heal.

This morning I got an early start and spent a nice day biking in the forest. This is SO much nicer than the high desert. The climb up to the first pass was a good climb but not as bad as I feared. Then the climb to tombstone pass seemed to go by sooner than I expected. Down from tombstone there was 6% grade for 11 miles, and even after that most of the day was spent going downhill sometimes a bit of a headwind. Still, I was able to get some great mileage in spite of the fact that I stopped and took a lot of pictures. I'll ad them to this post when I get better internet.

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