Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grateful for the Bike Park

Day 5: I'm grateful for the Mountain Ranch Bike Park.

Cactus on the side of the trail
Six, or so, years ago a few mountain bikers got together and proposed a bike park in Eagle Mountain to be built under the power lines just south east of Nolan Park. Initially there were some objections from neighboring homes.

The city council saw the value in having a wholesome activity that would allow the residents of Eagle Mountain to get some great exercise. Over the years I think the bike park has been a good addition to the community, and I frequently get people coming into my store telling me how glad they are to have a bike park next to their homes.

There are a lot of other great trails in Eagle Mountain outside the bike park. I frequently use the trails in Cedar Pass Ranch and on the hill north of Hidden Hollow Elementary on my commute to work.

A little off the subject but I saw this quote and loved it.
“Those that ask the question will never understand the answer. Those that understand the answer will never ask the question.” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes
I just love to ride my bike. 

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