Sunday, October 12, 2014

Disservice: part 8 of 9

Before I left on my expedition to the South Pole I got a lot of advice from people. Biking to the South Pole is a seemingly impossible task. I assume these people were honestly concerned about my welfare. This is part eight of 8 posts looking at some of the advice I was given.

On the mtbr forum a user, mikesee, wrote:

“My $.02 is that you are doing yourself (and those that would attempt it in the future) an enormous disservice by going from ‘nothing’ to Antarctica.”

Mike was truly trying to be helpful. He had considered doing an expedition by bike to the South Pole and had spent 6 years preparing. In the end he decided not to make the attempt. Now he was giving me his best advice. Mike is an inductee in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and truly an expert in the field--someone whose advice should be seriously considered.

My bike somewhere in Antarctica
On the other hand, all Mike knew of me was what he had read on the internet. Did I have the life experiences needed? Did I have the will power, strength, and commitment needed? Having never met me, Mike had no way of knowing the answers to those questions.

It is important to listen to and learn from the experts. However, it is also important to not allow others' expert opinions to prevent you from following your dreams. Only you know what you can do. You will decide what you will do. Learn from the experts, and then follow your dreams.

I just love to ride my bike.

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