Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bishop's loop

My Bishop invited me to go on a bike ride starting from his house going down to Saratoga Springs, down to Elberta, up to Eureka, out to Vernon then Faust, and back to his house. He suggested I could borrow a bike he had given to someone else, but I didn't feel comfortable about asking to borrow the bike, and I have been wanting to get a road bike, so I went out and bought a new bike. While I was at it I got a new bike computer that has altitude gain. So today's numbers are my first numbers with the new computer and my first road bike trip.

I tried to use MapQuest to see how far it says this trip would be, but it wanted to take a round about way to get from Faust to Eagle Mountain. MSN's map took a long route from the highway back to the Bishop's house. Anyway using a combination of MapQuest and MSN I come up with the route being 107.18 miles.

Today's picture didn't turn out too well, but it is a view of Cedar Valley. The ride was basically going around all of the mountains that surround this valley.


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    So, what computer did you end up getting? I have had an Avocet 50 Altemeter for years but the altemeter funcionality stopped a few years back, It also has no 'sleep' mode so I end up replacing batteries every year. In addition, there's no way to reprogram millage so I start off clean with every change of batteries...

  2. I got a Specialized SpeedZone Pro. Ended up paying $80 for it. It is nice, but there are a few things I like better on my $10 Walmart (Schwinn) computer.


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