Friday, June 18, 2004

Are you crazy?

I signed up for the Brianhead Epic today. When my wife found out how much this was going to cost she asked, "Why would you pay someone $150 so you can kill yourself?" Good point, I don't have to pay anyone to kill myself as last Wednesday's ride proves. Today's picture is after finishing the ride on Wednesday. I think I need to slow down a little coming down next time. It was a lot of fun but now that I have pawed for the race I need to make sure I don't seriously injure my and not be able to go.

The trail up Slate Canyon I guess would be called a fire road. So it is wide enough that you get to choose the route to climb the hill. A lot of times there are several different choices on the rout to take. For each the one that works the best may be different. However sometimes there is only one good route and all the others lead to failure.

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